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    image   Housing, Life, Fashion - Đời sống, Thời trang
    Her skin looks so newborn baby smooth!   (19868)
    The razor burn is really irritating.   (14707)
    It knocks out bacteria and fungi.   (11987)
    Why! Age has set in!   (11203)
    I'm ready for a lift.   (11484)
    I'd suggest you get a facial for deep cleaning.   (10401)
    She's behind the times.   (10177)
    This parka has gone out this year.   (9768)
    Don't you have air-conditioning in your apartment?   (10109)
    My kitchen sink is clogged!   (9497)
    What's wrong with the drain?   (9108)
    My water faucet is dripping badly now.   (8996)
    I wonder why no one is on top of this!   (9241)
    He moved out last weekend.   (9124)
    Do you have an apartment available?   (8967)
    Even my goose bumps have goose bumps.   (8668)
    Can I open a window and get some ventilation in here?   (8903)
    I've got a pretty tight schedule today!   (9245)
    I'm up to my neck in work.   (9978)
    Let's call it a day, shall we?   (9308)
    We could do it first thing in the morning.   (8883)
    Why is life always rushie-rushie?   (9490)
    I'll just grab something to eat.   (8595)
    I'm tied up with something for the moment.   (8792)
    Something might have come up.   (8615)
    Something might have come up.   (8586)
    That's how rumors get started!   (8240)
    I don't know how to break this to you!   (8713)
    I hope it's nothing serious.   (8862)
    Things do happen.   (8503)
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Total Pages: 2

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