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Verb Tenses

Chọn câu trả lời thích hợp nhất.

1) My younger brother ______ to the ground and hurt himself while he _______ his bike.
fell ... riding
fallen ... was riding
was falling ... rode
fell ... was riding
2) She was born in the year when the Republic __________.
was founded
has been founded
was found
had been found
3) What __________ done cannot be undone.
has been
have been
4) The slaves were __________ as animals that could be bought and sold.
thinking of
thought of
to be thought of
to think of
5) No one likes __________ in public.
being laughed
laughing at
to laugh at
being laughed at
6) __________ many times, he still couldn't remember it.
Having told
Having been told
7) Much __________ to prevent the air form being polluted.
has been done
have been done
is doing
has done
8) A: Have you moved into your new house yet?-- B: Not yet. The rooms ___________.
is being painted
are being painted
are painted
is painted
9) I'd like to have this suit _________.
to clean
10) The murderer was brought in, with his hands ______ behind his back.
to be tied
to be tied


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