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Verb Tenses

Chọn câu trả lời thích hợp nhất.

1) Don't get off the bus until it ___________.
will stop
has stopped
2) We'll go out with you when our work __________.
have been done
has been done
has done
are done
3) By the time he was twelve, Edison __________ to make a living by himself.
would begin
had begun
was beginning
4) Jose __________ some English before he came to the United States.
has learned
had learned
has been learned
had been learned
5) I didn't go to see the movie because I _________ it twice.
has seen
have seen
had seen
6) Last year my father promised that he _________ me a new bike.
will buy
would buy
7) You look so tired. What ________ you ___________ these days?
have ... been doing
did ... do
had ... done
do ... do
8) Our teacher told us that the earth __________ around the sun.
would turn
was turning
9) If you don't have a pen, a pencil __________.
will do
would do
has done
10) He __________ his house for ten years
has bought
has sold
has had
has got


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