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Indirect speech

Chọn câu trả lời thích hợp nhất.

1) I told him ____ do it.
to not
to don't
not to
2) He asked us ____ show our passports.
3) She asked us if we ____ finished the work on Monday.
Either could be used here.
4) She asked us ____ on time.
to be
for being
5) She asked if she ____ leave early.
6) They asked me _____ going to the party.
that I was
if I was
7) He told me ____ my father.
to phone
8) She said that no one _____ to the meeting last week.
has come
had come
9) She told me ____ she wasn't going to come.
Either could be used here.
10) He asked me what I _____ if I failed to get the job.
would do
would have done
11) He told me he ___ be here by three o'clock at the latest and it's half past already.
Either could be used here.
12) She promised she _____ do it by the end of the week and then let me down.
Either could be used here.
13) She said it _____ raining when she got here.
already started
had already started
Either could be used here.
14) She explained how ______ do it.
I should
Either could be used here.
15) He said he _____ her before.
didn't meet
hadn't met
Either could be used here.


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