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 Post by: anglorthoglots
 ID 18438
 Date: 10/18/2010

writing is easy
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started to write because I had to do it! Absolutely! I wouldn't have written anything had there been no need demanding me to write. Then I wrote so often that I began to develop a skill of writing.
I started to study English intensively in 1969 in a Military Program. The teachers were called intructors who were all GI's, the US servicemen on duty in Vietnam during the war. Each of those instructors spend one month's teaching only when they had their vacation but did not want to leave Vietnam for holidays with family in other territories and instead they chose to spend their holidays in some RC's (recreational center) here. Then they could register to attend a brief teaching course to be assigned to do the job.
One of my instructors was very considerate and helpful to me. He advised me to write letters to American girls in the activity called penpal. Of course, there were no internet or computer way back. All correspondence must be done in the traditional or classic way. He technically helped me with organizing, checking spelling. He also provided me with addressees he found in newspapers. He took care of my correspondence even after returning to service by frequently providing me with fee-free APO stamps.
After nearly two years of getting into this correspondence, I certainly developed the skill of writing. I tried all the best to write interesting letters to girls too; therefore my strong point in generating ideas to write was also positively developed. Later on, from my instructor's advice, I kept a diary in English. I found that keeping a personal diary was also a good way to improve my writing. Unfortunately, the war ended in such a way that I have not been able to contact anybody, neither my instructors nor my nice penpals!

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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