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My love - Westlife

An empty street,
An empty house,
A hole inside my heart,
I'm all alone and the rooms are getting smaller
I wonder how,
I wonder why,
I wonder where they are,
The days we had,
The songs we sang together(oh yeah).
And ohhh.. my love,
I'm holding on forever,
Reaching for a love that seems so far,
So i say a little prayer,
and hope my dreams will take me there,
where the skies are blue to see you once again,
My love,
overseas from coast to coast,
to find the place I love the most,
where the fields are green to see you once again,
my love.
I try to read,
I go to work,
I'm laughing with my friends,
but I can't stop to keep myself
from thinking(oh no)
I wonder how
I wonder why
I wonder where they are
the days we had, the songs we sang together(oh yeah)
And ohhh.. my love
I'm holding on forever, reaching for the love that seems so far
To hold you in my arms,
To promise you my love,
To tell u from my heart
You're all I'm thinking of
Reaching for the love that Seems so far
Chorus to end

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