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Forum > Nhật k tiếng Anh >> A day i play hooky!!!!!

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 Post by: littleangel
 ID 16035
 Date: 09/12/2007

A day i play hooky!!!!!
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Today I play hooky! hihi ! I don't want to go to university ! beacause I feel a bit tired and sad ! My university is very far from my house ! It takes me 2 hours to get there !, so I must spend 4 hours to get and back home , while I only spend 2,5 hours to study at university today on a subject? why don't I play truant???/ I think so and I do as I thought! hihi
I did that mean I right or wrong ? i don't know but I feel a little bit sorry for my absent
I think I must try harder next time or I'll be a bad student ! I myself will form me a bad habit ! I don't want to be worse , i want to get better.
Recently, I eat so little , I feel afraid of eating, iam fed up with 3 meals, I eat less, drink less , speak less, and Iam only more tired , iam worring about my health ! but I don't know how to do ! a day next to i'll get ill and I must take medicine again and again, i am afraid of ....huhu ....
when was born iam a weak girl i usually get ill, I must take so much medicine: Chinese traditional medicine,Viet nam trditional medicine ,western medicine,...
Nowaday , I take little, when I think about old day , i just overcome by fear,
I just still shudder whenever I think about my frightfully violent childhood....i can't tell anymore....

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