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Forum > ố vui tiếng Anh >> nine marbles

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: uglygirl
 ID 13636
 Date: 09/13/2006

nine marbles
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You have 9 marbles: 8 of them weigh 1 ounce each; 1 weighs 1.1 ounce. The 9 marbles are all uniform in size, appearance and shape. You have access to a balance scale containing 2 trays - you may use the balance 2 times. You must determine which of the 9 marbles is the heavier one using the balance only 2 times
hi hi hi giải gim em nhen

gp kiến
 Reply: ngocchau
 REF: 88500
 Date: 10/27/2006

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HI ugly girl! this is my anwer.
First divide them into three groups,each group has three marbles.First,take 2 groups and weigh them.If they has the same weight,they don't have the 1.1 ounce marble.If one is heavier,it has.When you find the group which has this marble.Weigh for the second time.Take two marbles and weigh them.If they have the same weigh,the third one is the 1.1 ounce marble.If one is heavier,it is the marble we need to find.

P\S: Is it right?

  gp kiến



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