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 Post by: lovelycat
 ID 13635
 Date: 09/13/2006

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(feat. Twista)

[Verse 1 (Twista)]

I wish the way I was living could stop, serving rocks,

Knowing the cops is hot when I'm on the block, And I

Wish my brother woulda made bail,

So I won't have to travel 6 hours to see him in jail, And I

Wish that my grandmother wasn't sick,

Or that we would just come up on some stacks and hit a lick, And I (I wish)

Wish my homies wouldn't have to suffer,

When the streets get the upper hand on us and we lose a brother, And I

Wish I could go deep in a zone,

And lift the spirits of the world with the words with in this song, And I (I wish)

Wish I could teach a soul to fly,

Take away the pain out cha hands and help you hold them hi, And I

Wish my hommie Butch was still alive

And on the day of his death we had never took that ride, And I (I wish)

Wish God could protect us from the wrong

So that all the solders that were sent over seas come home

We will never break, though they devastate, we shall motivate,

And we gotta pray, all we got is faith.

Instead of thinking about who gonna die to day,

The Lord is gonna help you feel better, so you ain't gotta cry today.

Sit at the light so long,

And then we gotta move straight forward, cuz we fight so strong,

So when right go wrong,

Just say a little prayer, get ya money man, life go on!!!

Let's HOPE!

[Chorus (Faith Evans)]

Cuz I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today,

Take this music and use it

Let it take you away,

And be hopeful (hopeful) and he'll make a way

I know it ain't easy but that's okay.

Cause we hopeful

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