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Forum > Sinh Ngữ Club >> GALEC 2 English Club: Workshop "MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL" 27/09/2012

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 Post by: galecclub
 ID 19441
 Date: 09/26/2012

GALEC 2 English Club: Workshop "MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL" 27/09/2012
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Time: 6h30-8h30, Thursday 27/09/2012
Place: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh
(Note: Leave your vehicle at Viettin Bank 196 Thai Thinh)

Mid Autumn Festival, one of the most popular festivals in Vietnam, is held on the 15 August lunar when the moon is fullest, roundest, and brightest. Vietnamese families plan activities for their children on this special day, so that Mid Autumn Festival is considered as an opportunity to show their love for the children.

Part 1: Warm up (15 minutes)

Part 2: Free talk (35 minutes)
1. What do you often do at Mid Autumn Night? What is the most unforgettable memory of Mid Autumn Festival in your life?
2. Which traditional activities often occur in Mid Autumn Festival in your hometown?
3. What are the differences of Mid Autumn Festival between in the past and in the present?
4. Many people say that the Moon Festival is the time for family reunion, and you? Would you like to be with your family or your friends on this day?

Part 3: Presentation and Q&A (20 minutes)

Part 4: Group (40 minutes)
1. Draw a picture about Mid Autumn Festival of Chu Cuoi and Chi Hang on the Moon.
2. Draw a picture about your ideal Mid Autumn Festival.
3. Create an event for children in Mid Autumn Night.

Register here (for new members only): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...QmVFZEUtcmc6MQ

Galec 2 English Club
Address: Smartlink English Center, No 3, Lane 196 Thai Thinh

For more information, please follow this link:
Forum: http://galec.forumj.net/forum
Email: galec2club@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Galec2club
Photobucket: http://s1083.photobucket.com/albums/...tienganhgalec/
Note Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/notes/clb-t...68845753191302

Contact: Ms Vn 01659.085.249

Thanks and best regards,

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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