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Forum > Sinh Ngữ Club >> Giup minh phan biet cac tu nay voi!

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: azaaza
 ID 15809
 Date: 08/12/2007

Giup minh phan biet cac tu nay voi!
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Cc bạn c thể gip mnh phn biệt về cch dng của cc từ sau đy được ko?
1)leader ,head
Đa số những từ trn đều c cng nghĩa,cng từ loại.Vậy tuỳ theo từng trường hợp co những cch dng khc nhau.Bạn no biết ni cho mọi ngươi cng biết với.Tiện thể lấy v dụ lun nh!

gp kiến
 Reply: cuonglinhadsl
 REF: 96932
 Date: 11/09/2007

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
Theo mnh th
1. Leader l người lnh đạo cn head chỉ l trưởng phng, hay người chịu trch nhiệm 1 nhm người
2. form: l mẫu (văn bản c sẵn khung chỉ việc điền vo); Kind: loại, hạng, thứ (c chung 1 nhm, c đặc tnh giống nhau); Type: cũng l loại, kiểu, tp (c sự phn biệt)
3. habit: chỉ thi quen, tnh kh; custom: chỉ phong tục, tập qun.
4. despairing: thất vọng, tuyệt vọng (chn nản khng qu tiu cực); desperate: cũng chỉ sự tuyệt vọng (nhưng tiu cực, liều lĩnh)
5. Summon: mang tnh chất mệnh lệnh, triệu tập; Call: mang tnh chất đơn thuần đơn giản hơn.
6. picture v depict đều c sự giống nhau về mặt no đ nhưng picture mang tnh chất g đ chuyn nghiệp hơn về tnh nghệ thuật cn depict chỉ l vẽ m tả đơn thuần.

Những bạn khc nghĩ sao???

 Reply: sontiny
 REF: 96935
 Date: 11/10/2007

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
In my short-sighted opinion, there is a bit difference btw them but u can say either one of them, it really makes sense. Whatever, I would like to give u my own idea about those stuffs.
-First: leader and head
*Leader: is a person in control of a group, country or situation
*Head: someone in charge of or leading an organization, group, usually use for school, college such as headmaster, headmistress, head teacher
-Second: kind, type, form
*kind: a group with similar characteristics, or a particular type
Ex: Today's vehicles use 2 kinds of fuel: petrol and diesel
What kind of job are u looking for?
I just don't have that kind of money(=I haven't got so much money)
The cupboard contained all kinds of strane things
Her travel company was the first of its kind(=of others that are similar)
*form: a type of sth
Ex: Swimming is the best form of exercise
-Third:custom and habbit
*Custom(usual activity): something u usually do
Ex: He left the house at nine exactly, as is his custom.
*Habit(repeated action): something which u do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that u r doing it
Ex: I always buy the same brand f toothpaste just out of(=because of) habit
I'm trying not to get into(=start)the habit of always having biscuits with my coffee.
I used to swim twice a week, but I seem to have got out of(=ended)the habit recently.
I was taught to drive by my boyfriend and I am afraid I've picked up(=caught)some of his bad habits.
I am trying to get him to break(=end intentionally) the habit of switching on the TV when he comes home at night.
I dont mind being woken up once or twice in the middle of the night by my flatmate so long as she doesn't make a habit of it(=do it frequently)
I am not really in the habit of looking at(=I dont usually look at) other people's clothes, but even I noticed that awful suit!
-Fourth: despairing and desperate
*despairing : the feeling that there is no hope and that u can do nothing to improve a difficult or troubling situation
Ex: a desparing glance/cry
a mood/sense of despair
They are in (the depths of)despair over/about the money they've lost.
To her teacher's despair, Nicole never does the work that she's told to do
Their fourth year without rain drove many farmers to(=caused them to feel) despair.
*desperate(risky: the feeling that u have no hope and are ready to do anything to change the bad situation u r in
Ex: The doctors made one last desperate attempt/effort to save the boy's life
Desperate measures are needed to deal with the growing drug problem.
They made a desperate plea for help.
-Fifth: summon and call
*summon(order): to order someone to come to or be present at a particular place, or to officially arrange a meeting of people
Ex: General Son summoned reinforcements to hepl resist the attack.
(HUMOROUS)I am afraid I'll have to go. I'm being summoned by my wife
On September 9th, the council was summoned to hear an emergency report on its finances.
*call(shout/cry): to say sth in a loud voice, especially in order to actract someone's attention, or (of animals) to make a loud, high sound, especially to another animal:
Ex: Someone in the crowd called(out)his name
"Hey, you! Come over here!" she called
The blackbird called to its mate
-Sixth: depict and picture
*depict:to represent or show sth in a picture or story
Ex: Her paintings depict the lives of ordinary people in the last century.
In the book, he depicts his father as a tyrant
People were shocked by the advertisement which depicted a woman beating her husband.
*picture(show in photograph): to show sb/sth a photograph or picture
Ex: She is pictured here with her parents
The team is pictured setting off on their European tour.

  gp kiến



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