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 Post by: gamainuoicon
 ID 20000
 Date: 07/08/2014

IELTS Speaking Tips How to avoid pauses during the test
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Trong IELTS Speaking Part 3, khng phải lc no cc IELTS Candidates cũng sẵn sng để đối mặt v trả lời nhanh gọn cu hỏi. Khi rơi vo tnh huống đ, hy tm cch cho mnh thời gian để trả lời phần chnh của cu hỏi tốt hơn m vẫn tự nhin v kiểm sot logic thật tốt bằng việc sử dụng IELTS Speaking Tips dưới đy:


1. IELTS Speaking Tips 1: Using Fluency Markers (to avoid pauses while talking)

Cc Fluency Markerssẽ gip bi ni được tự nhin v giảm thời gian ngập ngừng:

Its hard to say

It all depends (on the situation)

Every case is different

Well, conditions vary

Obviously Im no expert, but

Im not sure theres an easy answer (to that)

2. IELTS Speaking Tips 2: Using Logical links - Contrast (to divide up your answer and make it clear to follow)

In the short term but in the long term

In the case of but in the case of .

On the one hand but on the other hand

3. Sample answer for question in IELTS Speaking

Question: Do you think everybody has the right to have their own private transport?


Answer 1: Well (1) the kind of private transport were talking about you know, (2).. bicycles, or even motorbikes, then I think yes, everybody does have that right. But obviously, (3) private cars, there are lots of problems involved

Answer 2: (4). I mean, there are lots of mixed messages today. Like, (5).., the car industries persuade everybody that they want their own car, (6)., we say not everybody can have one, cos itll damage the planet. Its a complex issue, isnt it? (7), but I suppose (8). everybody has the right, (9).. this is really not you know sustainable.

Hy vọng với IELTS Speaking Tips trn cc bạn sẽ khng cn nỗi lo "Hesitation" khi lm bi thi ni IELTS nữa ^^ Nếu bạn c thủ thuật no về vấn đề ny chng ta cng bn luận ở phần Facebook Comment bn dưới nh!

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