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Forum > Luận văn tiếng Anh >> help me translate this article,please please

Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: tocmem1988
 ID 17517
 Date: 05/13/2009

help me translate this article,please please
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em phải dịch 1 bi bo lớn c đoạn ny e thấy dịch theo văn phong chnh trị rất kh ,mong anh chị v cc bạn gip em, em cảm ơn nhiều ạ!
Mr. Malikis earlier effort to reunite the country was one of Washingtons primary benchmarks for measuring political progress in Iraq. The goal was to separate Baathist opponents of the government who were considered more willing to trade violence for political power from intractable extremists.

Early last year, under intense American pressure, Mr. Maliki pushed through Parliament a law to ease restrictions on the return of Baath Party members to public life. But 15 months later, the law has yet to be put into effect.

Mr. Malikis retreat risks polarizing Iraqis again and eroding hard-fought security gains. One hundred sixty people died in bombings on Thursday and Friday alone. There is no evidence that Baathists were involved, but fears are rising that they and jihadi insurgents are increasingly cooperating
Mr. Maliki has changed his tone despite American pressure to reconcile with some officials under Mr. Hussein, most of them Sunni Arabs.

He is no different from the political and religious leaders who are driven by emotions and animosity toward anything related to the past, General Hamdani said of Mr. Maliki, in a written response to questions about his talks with the government.

The prime ministers return to a hard line appears to be motivated by a number of factors.

Despite Mr. Malikis success in provincial elections in January and in projecting himself as a strong nonsectarian leader, his Dawa Party recognizes that it still needs his Shiite partners to govern. And his Shiite rivals, many of whom are close to Iran, have accused him of recently orchestrating a wholesale return of Baathists to bolster his standing with the Sunni minority.
Ahmad Chalabi, a Shiite politician who led the push six years ago to purge Iraq of the Baath Party, said that despite Mr. Malikis pragmatic efforts to court Sunni support, the prime minister retained a visceral hatred for everything associated with the Baath Party and the brutal former regime.

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