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Forum > Luận văn tiếng Anh >> help me! nguy cấp lắm rồi, liên quan đến tính mạng cái sổ điểm!

Bấm vào đây để góp ư kiến

 Post by: nhungfancylala
 ID 17242
 Date: 10/05/2008

help me! nguy cấp lắm rồi, liên quan đến tính mạng cái sổ điểm!
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có ai giúp tui làm bài luận về hạnh phúc gia đ́nh cùng những ư kiến về hạnh phúc gia đ́nh không? (gợi ư thôi cũng được). Thanks lắm lắm.

góp ư kiến
 Reply: songkien
 REF: 98902
 Date: 10/06/2008

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"Thấy nguy cấp không cứu, không phải là trượng phu"
Thật sự th́ cũng hơi khó một chút, bởi ǵ chính bản thân ḿnh có bao giờ biết gia đ́nh hoặc hạnh phúc gia đ́nh là ǵ. Tuy nhiên, giờ cứ thử “bốc” một cái xem sao. Hy vọng cái outline nầy là reference for your writing.

Introduction: A happy family
Nowadays, young people might be busy for many things. He and She has to work hard for their cost living, go to school for their future, and cook for their own meals. Whatever he and she are, they are so lonely and take care every things by themselves. Besides, when he and she sometimes need options and ideas to support their decision, they have no one to ask. Life becomes more difficulty, and there are so many things he and she have to deal daily. To make life become easier, he and she should need a partner, a happy family where they might share and help each other. To have the happy family, a couple should have a love, help and responsibility to each other.

Body: give details to support main ideas
- Love
- Help
- Responsibility
How do you think about happy family?

Good Luck

Song Kien

 Reply: hatnang
 REF: 99152
 Date: 01/05/2009

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai

Lâu nay Hatnang không rănh rỗi, bây giờ có chút thời gian, Hatnang cũng muốn chia sẻ cùng mọi người một bài viết khác (my homework) có liên quan về gia đ́nh: Parents and Children

At X Market, where I have worked for three years, is always busy on the weekend. I have seen many families with parents and young children hand in hand, happily entering our store. At those moments, I often thought that children are raised and influenced directly by their parents. For that reason, if parents always consider how children are growing up everyday just as planters take care of their gardens, they will bring to the children happy families and hopeful futures, and the children will be more successful in life. Some parents who are in unsolved problems such as divorce issues become single parents, so some children certainly lack their parents’ love, guidance, and advice. Therefore, successes of these children are mostly depending on how they understand the current changes in their lives. However, if parents are neglectful, do not respond to their children, they are like blurred and broken mirrors that children cannot see directly, so these children have more difficulty to be achievers. Overall, successes of children are mostly depending on how much parents love and consider their children. I have seen mostly three types of parents: planters, single parents, and careless providers.

First of all, the best parents are like careful planters. Parents are important in children’s lives because they give birth to the children as planters take care of their gardens. I remember that when I was a child, my close friends’ parents were always happy and fed them carefully such as preparing breakfast for them every morning, taking them to school, and picking them up at the ending of class. My friends often shared with me that they were always helped with homework by their fathers or mothers. Their parents were always the first people whom they could ask for possible explanations to solve their difficult problems. Therefore, they constantly received high scores in class. Especially, their parents continuously kept their eyes on them. They never let my friends hang around with children who behaved badly. They protected their children safely with family discipline. One of my friends, Vien, knew how to draw beautifully at an early age. Her parents found out her talent and immediately moved her to art school. In fact, most of my close friends have become successful people; Vien is becoming an excellent architect; Hanh, Athu, and Tthu are teachers. The successes of children in the future are mostly influenced by parents like theirs.

On the other hand, many children are not luckily raised up by both of their parents. They are raised by single parents, mothers or fathers. In my case, I was taken care of by my mom while my father was away from home. My mom has tried all her best to educate me and my two siblings to be helpful citizens. Although my mom has never helped me with homework and other school activities and followed my steps to school, she always motivates and pushes me to finish my work by giving useful advice. I have learned how to be a strong person through my mom’s work. However, sometimes I felt jealous of my friends when I saw them together in happy moments or in difficult times. Many times my heart was hurt as I heard them telling their family stories. I wished my father and all members in my family were together as in my friends’ families, so children would be taught fully by parents; everyone could share individual problems with each other and possibly receive help from older members. Even though my two siblings and I lacked my father’s love, we have also grown up fully; my older sister has become a teacher; my brother has been a hard worker, and I would like to be a nurse. With our father’s help, we right have been even more successful.

Finally, the worst parents are like careless providers. These parents are like blurred and broken mirrors that children cannot use to see everyday. In most of these situations, families are always in disorder, and there are no rules in the families. Parents never pay attention to the children’s studies or school activities. For example, in my previous neighborhood, there was a disorderly family. They were four people. The father was drunk and gambled. The mother was also a gambler. The two children were called Tam and Nhu, unfortunately growing in up in that family. Their parents were always arguing and lleft them lonely at home. Tam and Nhu never had a happy moment with their parents during their childhood. Tam was often absent in the class and played with other ill bred boys. And Nhu was afraid of her parents. Whenever Nhu saw her parents fighting, she ran out the house; her face was filled with tears. I genuinely sympathized with Tam and Nhu. Because of their careless parents, they could not have a strong basic foundation to build for their futures. Tam had been in jail several times. Nhu escaped from her careless parents by becoming a Buddhist nun, hiding from the world.

Because of the important roles of parents in each family, parents should realize that giving birth to their children is not the final responsibility, but educating and taking care of the children are also principal obligations. Children always need parents’ love, guidance, and advice. Successes of children in the future are strongly influenced by their parents. I wish that more parents would be planters and careless providers and single parents would no longer exist in human society.

  góp ư kiến



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