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 Post by: boyhue86
 ID 16376
 Date: 11/14/2007

essay (help me)
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1.Descibe how the Vietnamese welcome Tet (New Year)
2.What novel or story did you read recently?What do you thinks about it?
3.You need a job for three months in the summer,and you have seen an advertisement a temporary job as a tourist guide in your own town or city.Write a letter applying for the job.
4.Most people spend too much time watching TV nowadays.Do you agree?
5.It is sometimes said that many problems would disappear if the world spoke one language.Do you agree?
6.You came to London a month ago to study English .Write a letter to your parents,telling them about the course you are talking and some of the difficulties you have encounter.
7.You were visiting some friends in their flats late one evening when you heard someone shoutFire!.Describe what happened next
8.Unemployment ,especially among young people ,is a serious problem in many countries today.What can be done about it?Do you think traditional ideas about work should be changed?
9.Give an account of a journey you have made which you will never forget
10.An important person is coming to visit your school or college.You have been chosen to make the speech of welcome.Write the speech you would make.
11.At what age should children leave home?Discuss.
12.Write a letter to complain about a journey that went wrong.You should make the beginning and ending like those of an ordinary letter ,but the address is not to be counted in the number of words.
13.You are going to show some visitors around your home area.Write the speech you would make to them explaining what they are going to do and see.
14.Write an account of the important recent day in your life.
15.Overpopulation causes a lot of problems to social and economic development.Discuss and prove the problem
16.Discuss the difference between the young people in the 70s and at present
17.Tell a story you enjoyed when you were a child
18.What , in your opinion ,is the correct way of bringing up children?
19.Write a report about a road accident you witnessed one day.
20.What do you think about your environment:Describe it.Is it well protected or badly protected ?In what way people destroy the environment?
21.What should people do to protect our environment?
22.What is your hobby and why do you like to do it?
23.Does money always bring human beings happiness?Prove your idea

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