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 Post by: namthao
 ID 16249
 Date: 10/21/2007

The Wedding, Traditional Vietnamese
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Chào các anh, chị, và em,

(nói trước, đọc nhưng hổng được cười à nhe)

Tuỗi ấu thơ, có lần tôi đ̣i “cưới vợ”. Khi nghe qua, bà nội và má tôi đă cười nghiêng ngữa, ba tôi th́ nh́n tôi rất ngạc nhiên nhưng không nói, c̣n ông nội tôi th́ cũng cười thôi.
Sinh ra và sống ở một nơi mà vào khoảng 75, người ta thường gọi là vùng kinh tế mới, nơi xa xôi hẻo lánh, kiếm những đứa trẽ bằng tuổi tôi để chơi, không phải là dể. Rồi đột nhiên nhà kế bên có đám cuới, có những đứa trẽ không biết từ đâu đến, tung tăng chạy giởn trong những bộ quần áo mới. Nh́n chúng mà tôi thấy rất là háo hức “muốn vợ”. Có lẽ đây cũng là một đề tài mà thỉnh thoảng tôi nghe ông bà nội kể lại một thời xa xưa.

The Wedding, Traditional Vietnamese

To Dedicate to my grandparents

"You look so beautiful, but why you didn’t get married?"
" I did, but it didn’t work"
"What happened"
"I picked a wrong guy"
"a wrong guy?"

Most young people nowadays get married, independently. Without interfering of their parents, the couple gets married so easy and fast, it seems they fall in love in the morning, get married at noon, have a party in the evening, enjoy the long night together for their desires, and divorce the next day early morning. I can not understand it, and I do not know why people get married for when most people always vow to live together until they are death.

As I learn before their wedding, a couple has at least months or years to hang around and learn about each other. A girl should ask herself that is she able to sleep under great loud when he is snoring? How he takes care of a "doing honey’s list" that she gives him, and after working, he goes straight home or stops some places on the side of the street to enjoy pretty white long dresses? Otherwise, a man should learn how many hawkers that she is fond of in the morning, and how many hawkers she gives up and let them past away ?(maybe none :) :) ).

In the process of their learning or probation, it looks like a market. Most retail stories always decorate and show up their good and attractive products, which means he can turn his volume down for his snoring low a little, and do whatever to show his best person as he can. In addition, she may give up hawkers as she can and put herself under diet condition, and she also turns down her sweet voice for every time she gets mad. Apparently, they look very perfect couple.

Unfortunately, because whatever they showed up to each other were not true, they didn’t have much experience about family, and they didn't learn from their parents, so their loves were not last long. Finally, when the drama was over, a curtain of the stage was closed, and “behind the scene” was "she picked up a wrong guy or he made a mistake".

On the contrary, in my grandparents’ generation and before that, they never knew the "divorce" word. Most marriage of young people were always arranged by their parents, The Vietnamese traditional wedding was different and depended on each place of our country.

In Rach Gia, before couple people wanted to get married, they never had a chance to select a person whom they were going to spend the rest of their lives, nor did they see and know each other until the wedding day. First, a future groom family learned about a future bride and her family.

When they were happy about a bride and her family, they needed a prestigious person in a village came to her family and talked about marriage for a couple. When the agreement was made, his family would bring some gifts to meet her family and discuss more about marriage. Some bride families requested a groom to work for two years probation in the bride’s home before his wedding.

During two years probation working, he had to accept any challenge, especially, he had to do hard work and heavy labor, but eat and sleep in very poor condition. If her parents satisfied his work and character, they would have a date for an engagement, and the wedding would follow in sometimes. Otherwise, in my opinion, he should be looking for a very high bridge or go to a highway with heavy traffics . . . then who cared what happened next? :) :) :)).

" Oh my God! I’d better be a single".
When hearing me saying that, my grandparents just laughed and continued.
"That was not all, boy"

On the engagement day, a groom family gave some gifts and money to a bride family, and they discussed all about the wedding. To deserve a reputable bride, her parents asked his parents to give them a lot of money and gifts on the wedding day, but his parents might negotiated for a deal. Generally, the parents cost a lot of money for the marriage of their son.

Standing between two customs of the wedding, a couple may have some great advantage, but other are not. Nowadays, it seems very good for a couple to get married because before their wedding, they have more chances to know, learn, and love each other. When they get married, they are confident themselves. Unfortunately, their marriage is not last long when we compare to the last generation. Because the marriage is so easy and less cost, a man may divorce and re- get married million times as he likes. Otherwise, it is so hard for a girl who wants to get married again if she has children.

In my sight, the old traditional wedding was more advantage for a girl. Generally, a man wanted to see a girl, it was so difficult, and it was much more difficulty when he wanted to get married with her. Therefore, Once they committed together, most of them lived together for all their lives. However, they may not be confident when they wedded, but who cared? A fact, it was not too late when they had all entire lives (days and nights, especially, in the nights :) :) ) to learn, know, understand and love each other.

Personally, whatever custom of the wedding is, I am always aware that my princess should be respected, and loved because she will give me children who carry my blood and last name. Therefore, if I had been in that era, and after brought a bride home, believe or not, I would have kept her in a cabinet of glasses for admiring and avoiding contamination :) :) :) (so much cost that why :) :) )
Oh my God! With the old tradition of Vietnamese, I bet any man to divorce his wife.

Nam Thao

góp ư kiến
 Reply: toikhongyeuanh
 REF: 96646
 Date: 10/22/2007

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 Reply: namthao
 REF: 96696
 Date: 10/25/2007

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Tôikhôngyêuanh thân mến,
Em có biết hôn, trong đời nầy có nhữ sự trùng hợp lắm. có một lần dường như có một người đă nói với một người, tôikhôngyêuanh, dù không trực tiếp, nhưng tôi biết cuộc đời ông ta cũng khốn đốn và tội nghiệp lắm. Có một lần ông ta cố vương lên sống trong mơ mộng, nhưng rồi cũng không được. Trái đất nầy quá rộng lớn, con người th́ luôn luôn bé bỏng. nếu tôikhôngyêuanh là sự thật của ḷng ḿnh, hăy vui vẽ sống cho chính ḿnh.
Doá hoa đẹp có thiéu ǵ ông bướm,
Phận ta hèn ta an phận là xong,
Chuc vui ve,

Nam Thao

 Reply: trangminh
 REF: 97039
 Date: 11/18/2007

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
Hello namthao,
I've read some parts of your essay. Excellent, I say. I like the topic although it's a bit old but yeah, good on you if you are interested in.
But there are something I want to tell about the way you organise the essay.
First of all, the opening is a bit short and has no link with the rest of what you say in your body. But it is a piece of opinion so maybe it's not a big deal, however, I still rekon you to put more effort in writting the introduction, especially the first sentence, it's too short and not straight to the point.
The first three paraghraphs are great, I like them. They are linked directly to the intro and to each other. Well done!
From the fourth para to the rest, they are a bit messy. It makes people bored when they read it because they idea is developed roughly, not deeply and there are too many opinion at the same time.
The rebutal is quite fine,ok.
Opps, I've said too much.
I am impressed with your work, namthao. Hope you will improve a lot better in the future.
As a friend,

  góp ư kiến



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