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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: namthao
 ID 16045
 Date: 09/15/2007

A gamble
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Cho tất c cc anh chị,

Người ta ni life's a combat and a victory must try to do very hard on everything. nhớ ngy xưa cn l một cầu thủ đ banh cho trường học, cứ mỗi lần thua th khng sau trnh được nổi buồn phiền. Thiết tưởng, lần đ ti cũng khng nn tự trch mnh. Nếu c th cũng nn trch một số anh em trong đồng đội. Đ biết rằng ngy may l ngy thi đấu tranh giải, m c những người bạn gần như l "một đm r rời mộng ước" khi ra qun,chn cẳng đều "lỏng lẽo" th cn đ được ci g. thua l ci chắc. Trn đy l một trong những thất bại m mnh khng chuẩn bị trước, thất bại cũa đội ngũ v cũng l những thất bại của c nhn ti. Từ những thất bại lin tiếp sau nầy đ cho ti một số vốn liếng kinh nghiệm v nhứt l khi xt nhập vo cuộc sồng thực tế, in the real world, suddenly, I realized that the world's so big, but I am so so so small. Do đ khng tự trch mnh nữa đu m phải thương chnh bn thn mnh nhiều hơn nữa nếu mnh đ try the best.

According to the BBC, the Vietnamese won more than eight million dollars by playing poker. Personally, it was a good news for our Vietnamese because I knew most of Vietnamese left Viet Nam with their bare hands, besides, they had so many problems in their lives especially languages, so whoever was successful or rich, I was happy for them. Because of that good news, Tuan asked me to join the next world poker champion 2008 game."Oh! No, Please"Tuan responded to me:"I know you hate the gambling the most, but have you ever thought most things in the world are gambling even our lives? Please, never and ever think everything is always in your hands or mind, Mr.""Most things in the world?"Going to or from the city, my high school with the distance of more than 10 km, I took only two steps. One step down, I got in a canoe, and another step up, I took off the canoe to reach my destination.
I remembered before I left my home and went to the city for my education, my parents asked me to do many things. One of the things was I should study very well.
"Study very well! What was that for?"I thought it was not much different between the first grade and the ninth grade student in the same class, and I also knew that it did not hurt my education if I would get the ninth grade or so. For that reason, I felt bored to do homework, and most of the sometimes that I didnt finish my homework on time. Otherwise, I spent a lot of time to play soccer with my friends. However, whenever my parents nearly visited me, I would study hard for the first grade.
Looking the result of my studying process, my father shook his head without words, but my mother laughed and had no ideas about me. I believed my parents understood how I was.
I thought a school was a small world for small (young) people liked me. In the small world, I felt so easy to deal with everything. I could control my study, activities, and life. Everything was so practical, I always trusted my hands and my mind, I was sure I knew what I was going to do confidently with myself. Otherwise, I heard people saying about gambling. Playing gambling was so risky, most people always needed luck or played cunning trick for winning. Unfortunately, it did not happen, so they lost their money and treasure, and became poverty, stealers, and robbers, creating several crimes in our society. With all those reasons, I hated gambling.
After taking the exam of mathematic for our grades, Tuan and I were recommended to register for Algebra xx class, and we were going to take the evening class. In class, our instructor was the old, quiet and cold man. For his class, we had to study two chapters and do homework on each chapter, and he was going to weigh our homework. Besides, we would take a quiz for every week. Alternately, we might take the "opened book" quiz and another "closed book" quiz. After a forty-five minute procedure, we left our class and went to a cafeteria where Tuan liked to stay for while for talking with girls. While we were sitting and enjoying coffee, Tuan seemed happy about the taking "opened book" quiz, but I told him that it was so early to be happy, because in my sight, that instructor looked like a witch.
Tuan laughed at me and said.
"you dont have to buff him right now"
then I laughed with him too.
During taking the opened book quiz, I did not know how to do the quiz because most of the questions did not had enough information or I had never studied it. I tried to open the book and search again, but no help. There wasnt anything in the book involved with the quiz. I saw most students submitted their blank paper and left our room. In panic, I whispered to Tuan:"Hey! What the hell is going on?""The hell? Play lottery, Mr." Tuan responded."Lottery?"
That was the first time I did. I did without knowledge of anything and without my trust, and I did with all fully hope of luck, which was the first time for many times came up later. On that day, I was so tired and disappointed when I got home. Suddenly, I realized that the world was so big and greatest mystery, but my hands and my mind were too small, so many things were out my reach, and my thought. I also recognized that gambling is not only playing cards or betting for treasure, but it was also a place where people placed their fates, hearts and lives for good hopes.
I am now careful of and consider everything in my life. For successful result or a winner, I have to do everything with my best as I can, then, if something come to me with out my desire, for God's sake, I would rather smile.

Nam Thao
Summer 2007

gp kiến
 Reply: cuteteen
 REF: 96092
 Date: 09/16/2007

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
Tuan is ur best friend?
hahah...1m70, cau thu cua truong` hoi` con` di hoc.
bi jo` het summer roi` ma`???

  gp kiến



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