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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: namthao
 ID 15195
 Date: 05/28/2007

Cũng Viết cho một ngưi
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Cho cc bạn, trong mục đch trao dồi sinh ngữ, ti tập viết một vi cu truyện ngắn phần nhiều l do sự tạo dựng hơn l sự thật.

He is my very good friend. We lived in the same neighborhood, studied the same school, and classes. We both had the same favor that was sport, especially, a soccer. One day, after competing with other students in our school, we both were collected for players of our high school's soccer team. We were so excited and vowed to take a glory for our team. Certainly, we did. He was a very good player with strong and accurate shoot, and he was the only one who got the most scores for our team in the victories. In our soccer team, I was not as good as he was, but I had a skill to bring a ball get through an opponent teams field and passed it to him. Either, without him or me, our team was hard to win, so most of students named us a couple prodigy tide waves.
A glorious time was over, we said goodbye to our hometown, and we got in a big city for higher education. We now lived separate, and had different majors. He lived with his relative, and his major was an English teacher. Otherwise, I rented a room and studied about literature. We did not meet each others often, but we still sent emails to each others sometimes. One day, he sent an email to me that he was looking for a job such as a private English teacher in his spare hand. I thought that was a good idea that could be his relatives, and he also recommended me trying to get a job too. A job? What I supposed to do? The fact, I read newspapers every day, but no job for a writer. Finally, I knew what I was going to do. Another day, he visited me, and both of us went out for a drink and talk. He told me that he just got a job, and he would teach two children in the same family. I said a congratulation to him, and I also told him that I got a job too. He was so excited and asked what do you do?

I am a Honda chauffeur (Chạy xe Honda m, not bad at all)I response.

What? You are a Honda chauffeur ? He asked.

Yes! I am.

After I confirmed him what I did, I perceived his sight was something that seemed he was sad and disappointed about me.

We are not brothers, but we were almost brothers, and I really thanks for his honest.
What will you do after your graduation if you can not get a job? In mercy, he asked me.
I laughed, hey, brother, thank you so much for your concern. If I will not be able to get a job what I love, I will continue being a Honda chauffeur
(c ai đi xe Honda m, Please give me a call)
He looked at me with so surprise and sympathy.

I continued It was a long time ago, suddenly, I read about the news from BBC or VOA that I was not sure, but they mentioned about a black American, who was a homeless person. One day, people gave him a pencil and a notebook, then with a pencil and a notebook, he became a famous writer. Unfortunately, that never happens to me, or I have never had a dream liked him. Besides, I do not think or expect anyone will give me a pencil or a notebook, but once, I committed with whatever love, I always listen to my mind and follow my heart although it would be great, worse, shadow or darkest.
Cm ơn đ đọc bi mnh.
Thn i,

gp kiến
  gp kiến



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