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Forum > Luận văn tiếng Anh >> Korean film : Autumn heart

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 Post by: bluegem
 ID 14316
 Date: 12/31/2006

Korean film : Autumn heart
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It's certain that u have ever seen " autumn heart " at least 1 time. This is my composition of this film :
Nowadays, Korean films have been increasingly popular in Vietnam. They have a great influence on youngsters because their content is mainly about love. One of the Korean films that I like best is the film named Autumn heart .
The film told about a romantic love between the lady Yumi and the man Xeno . For a mistake in a maternity hospital, Yumi became Xenos sister when she was born. 14 years later, they discovered the truth. At the same time, Xeno had to leave Yumi to go abroad. Many years later, they accidentally met each other and the love came to them. Unfortunately, their happiness ended soon when Yumi got blood cancer. She died when Xeno carried her on his back walking along a coast.
The film ended in tears but it left a deep impression on me. It attracted viewers not only for the content but also for the skill of the actors and atresses. Its certain that I will never forget this film.

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