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 Post by: saobangmuaha
 ID 15639
 Date: 07/11/2007

Still and yet
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Still and yet


We use still to say that a situation or action is continuing. Still usually goes in the middle of sentences with the verb:
It 's 10:00 and Tom is still in bed.
Have you giving up smoking? No, I still smoke.
When I went to bed. Ann was still smoking.
Do you still want to go to the party, or you have changed your mind.


We use yet when we ask if something has happened or when we say that something has not happened. We use yet mainly in questions and negative sentences. Yet usually goes at the end of the sentences:
I 'm hungry. Is dinner ready yet?
Have you finished writing thet letter yet?
It 's 10:00 and Tom hasnt gotten up yet. (or isnt up yet).
We dont know where we are on our vacation yet.
We often use yet with the present perfect ( Have you finished writing that letter

gp kiến
 Reply: monster85vn
 REF: 94833
 Date: 07/27/2007

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h. Mnh đọc nhu bi của bạn rồi. Bạn viết hay lắm, c lẽ bạn c một kiến thức về TA kh tốt. Mnh học rất km TA v by giờ mnh mới cố gắng học. C thể ni l học lại từ đầu. Bạn cố gắng post nhu bi để mọi người cng đọc để nng cao thm kiến thức nh. Thanks !

  gp kiến



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