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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: newstar
 ID 20225
 Date: 01/04/2015

Vietnamese for the foreigner
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The language center of ABC Education provides the Vietnamese learning program for foreigners. With the suitable method to learn Vietnamese designed by ABC Education Language Center, the learners will improve rapidly in speaking and listening skills (especially pronunciation). Besides, the center helps learners how to express Vietnamese in their way confidently and correctly.

ABC Education Language Center has a long experience of teaching and training Vietnamese for foreigners such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese With the group of experienced teachers who are enthusiastic will help learners have a chance to experience and broaden the vocabulary and variety of sentence. The learners are encouraged to give their ideas in Vietnamese in their class confidently and broaden learners ability to use Vietnamese vocabulary in their daily conversation. The learning program is designed suitably for various levels of learners from basic level to advanced one. The learners are studied and practiced 4 skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing. After finishing the Vietnamese course, with the knowledge of Vietnamese vocabulary and structure taught by the center, the learners can communicate confidently with the Vietnamese in Vietnamese.

ABC Education Language Center will use the modern facilities for teaching: teach and study on slides OVERHEAD PROJECTOR on purpose of helping learners get knowledge easily and effectively and develop all language skills.

In addition, ABC Education Language Center has some following programs for training language:

- General English communication

- English for kids

- Business English

- English Grammar

- Chinese- Korean Japanese communication


- Translation and notarization with cheap price, take at once

- Consulting for oversea study in some countries: Australia, Korean and Japanese.

Contact with us:

ABC Education Language Center

Address: The 5th floor, Honda Vinh Cat Building, No.39 Ly Thai To Street, Vo Cuong ward, BacNinh province.

Telephone: 091.3898.100,0214.3898.100

Email: newstardichthuatbn@gmail.com

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