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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: hoaiphuong1983
 ID 14114
 Date: 11/28/2006

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Complete with a correct preposition.

1. My children dont approve . my smoking.
2. The poor girl burst . tears.
3. Who is responsible .. this mess?
4. I look forward seeing her again.
5. Marvin was arrested and charged .. murder.
6. Al Capone was sued . tax evasion.
7. I get very annoyed people who dont queue at bus stops.
8. He was in London .. business.
9. Help! The house is . fire!
10. He did it deliberately, .. purpose.
11. Ill have a beer. No, . second thoughts, give me a whisky.
12. You are in charge . this group.
13. The senator is opposed this new bill.
14. The slot machine is order.
15. You will have to cheer her a bit.
16. Add some milk and sugar your tea.
17. Are you familiar .. the work I do ?
18. I am fed .. .. his behaviour.
19. So well see each other the hotel.
20. Helen lives Harley Street.
21. The sick man was brought the room.
22. He got promoted the 4th of July . 9 a.m.
23. I havent seen my elder brother 2 years.
24. I havent seen John 1996.

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