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 Post by: lovelycat
 ID 14279
 Date: 12/19/2006

The clock
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The clock

analogue digital normal use   timetables, TV, etc.
6:00 It's 6 o'clock.
6:05 It's 5 past 6. past and the previous hour

(here: 6)
It's six oh five.
6:15 It's quarter past 6. It's six fifteen.
6:30 It's half past 6. It's six thirty.
6:35 It's 25 to 7. to and the following hour

(here: 7)
It's six thirty-five.
6:45 It's quarter to seven. It's six forty-five.
6:55 It's 5 to 7. It's six fifty-five.
7:00 It's 7o'clock.


1) In English there is no 24-hour-system (sometimes it is used on TV and in timetables). 15.00 is 3 o'clock (p.m.) (on TV: fifteenhundred). That's why you use a.m. (Latin: ante meridiem) and p.m. (post meridiem) in situations where it's necessary to point out that you want to say "in the morning" or "in the evening". In other situations (or when it's clear that school starts in the morning and the party in the evening) it's left out. Example:

Germany England
0:00 midnight
0:01 12:01 am
8:00 8:00 am
12:00 noon
12:01 12:01 pm
14:00 2 pm
18:00 6 pm
23:59 11:59 pm

2) o'clock (abbreviation: "of the clock") only on the hour

3) quarter = 15 minutes; half = 30 minutes

4) multiplies of 5: leave out the word "minutes" (but: 6.01 - It's one minute past 6.)

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