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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: lamthu
 ID 14572
 Date: 02/09/2007

Please help me
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I used to read a lot of Englis poems, I can translate some of them, but I really feel that English poems have no melody. Do I think right? I dont know how to enjoy an English poem. How can I find rhymes for E.p ?I traslated 1 E.p into Vietnamese poem, please read it and give me some advices, comments or remarks..Thanks a lot.

I want to tell you where to find a unique road nobody else knows
The road will be long, and there will be many obstacles in your way
You will feel you must walk it, but all you know will tell you differently
You may think of not taking that road, and just stay on the main road
It will be easier to stay where you are and simply wonder what if
It may be easier, but the price you pay is the taste of life
They will tell you about responsibilities and what is expected from you
No matter what they say, you should know that the road you need to walk could only be walked alone

I want to tell you where to find a unique road nobody else knows
Follow your heart, that's the road to living your life
This is the only way that leads you where you have to go

Em sẽ chỉ anh con đường ko ai biết
Con đường di v c lắm chng gai
Nghe theo lng mnh, chn anh bước
Thực tại ko anh về với suy nghĩ mng lung
Anh c nn bước đi hay đứng lại
Lối đi no cũng chỉ c mnh anh
Anh biết khng đ chnh l cuộc sống
L trch nhiệm cuộc đời của ring anh

Em sẽ chỉ anh một hướng đi duy nhất
Hy lắng nghe lời mch bảo của tri tim
Anh sẽ biết lối đi no l đng
Một lối đi thắp sng cuộc đời mnh.


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