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Forum > Thắc mắc, gp >> Nice love poem for everyone in love

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 Post by: sontiny
 ID 14562
 Date: 02/07/2007

Nice love poem for everyone in love
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There are some love English poems that I collected by a chance. I would like to share with all of u guys.

"I love u"
His voice in my ears
echoed in my body
flowing with the blood
blossomed into a fragrance
of everlasting love.

"Be my girlfriend"
I don't want anything from you
I want to give you my love
I don't want to see your face
I want to lock you in my heart
I don't want to feel your touch
I want you to dwell in my being
I don't want loving words from you
I want to sing love songs to you
I don't want you to live with me
I want to die loving you.

"I love u"
Your tears delight me:
bringing the hope I can be your salvation, heal you.
Beautiful girl, your smile is but
an imprint on the very face of my heart.
Surrending to ecstacy by your tender touch,
my mind resonates with happiness,
every thought of you brings bliss.
And for this, I state the obvious: I love you.

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