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Bấm vo đy để gp kiến

 Post by: tulipflower19
 ID 14465
 Date: 01/22/2007

new member !!
profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang    edit -sua doi, thay doi  post reply - goy y kien
hi everybody,
i am new member in this forum, i hope my english will improve with useful and interesting web.

gp kiến
 Reply: sontiny
 REF: 90083
 Date: 01/22/2007

  profile - trang ca nhan  posts - bai da dang  edit - sua bai, thay doi   post reply - goy y kien, dang bai
Hi nice to meet you.I am Son_tiny. See I am tiny but tiny in my knowledge not tiny in my physical. Just kidding, pal. Hopefully you will enjoy yourself and have a great time to stay here. By the way, if u have any questions, you can post it here, i and everyone can help you out. I am a little bit silly but i am very enthusiastic. Just dont be shy and make an effort to describe by English so that you will get much more knowledge about the language. Be cool, buddy.

  gp kiến



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