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    image   Conversation - Đàm thoại thành ngữ thực dụng nhất
    #213: Prime time, Shock jock, Snail mail.   (4091)
    #214: A shot in the arm, A shot in the dark, A shot across the bow.   (3509)
    #215: Like a shot, Call the shots, Parting shot.   (3349)
    #216: Shoot the breeze, Shoot the works, Shoot oneself in the foot.   (2996)
    #217: The life of the party, Party pooper, Party line.   (3679)
    #218: Call on the carpet, Call the tune, Call it a day.   (3226)
    #219: Stomping ground, Hangout, Neck of the woods.   (3131)
    #220: Pinch pennies, In a pinch, pinch hit.   (3023)
    #221: Bed of roses, Bed of nails, On the wrong side of the bed.   (3829)
    #222: Drop a bombshell, Get the drop on, Wait for the other shoe to drop.   (3262)
    #223: Drop the ball, At the drop of the hat, A drop in the bucket.   (5029)
    #224: To salt away, Worth his salt, Back to the salt mines.   (3439)
    #225: Pretty penny, Penny ante, Pennies from heaven.   (3264)
    #226: Turn on a dime, Nickel and dime, A dime a dozen.   (3001)
    #227: Top dollar, Dollars to doughnuts, Bottom dollar.   (3389)
    #228: A stitch in time, Without a stitch on, To keep in stitches.   (3688)
    #229: In the picture, Picture perfect, The big picture.   (3369)
    #230: From the ground up, To suit down to the ground, To get in on the ground floor.   (3332)
    #231: Ground rule, Ground zero, To hit the ground running.   (3531)
    #232: On the cutting edge, Have an edge on, On the ragged edge.   (3442)
    #233: To hit it big, To hit it off, To hit the spot.   (4269)
    #234: Hit the books, Hit one's stride, Hit the jackpot.   (2773)
    #235: Make tracks, Cut and run, Hit the road.   (2759)
    #236: Weasels, Skunks, and Squirrels.   (3099)
    #237: Heavy weather, Under the weather, Fair-weather friend.   (2839)
    #238: Heavy hitter, Heavy lifter, Heavy money.   (2829)
    #239: Heavy hand, Heavy metal, Heavy date.   (2765)
    #240: Hold your end up, Don't hold your breath, Hold someone's feet to the fire.   (5276)
    #241: Bugs.   (3835)
    #242: Think on your feet, Think piece, Think tank.   (2861)
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Total Pages: 12


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